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Photo Gallery

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2006 Events
Training Weekend - March, 2006
502 troopers patrolling area. 502 troopers looking for action.
Rockford, IL - September 22-24, 2006
Troopers entering an occupied town. 502 troopers with misc. infantry escourting prisioners.   Troopers getting briefed on the days orders.
Lowell, IN - December, 2006
Rob L. in the foreground and Ron K. in the background. 502 group picture.   Trooper posing for photo in a classified location.
Ft. Cambell - December, 2006
Medics evacuating the wounded. Jeep awaiting action.   Troopers posing for photo while driving a jeep.
Troopers looking back while driving a jeep. Medic in front of an aid station.   Sherman tank stopping to refuel.

502nd PIR - 101st Airborne Division
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