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A number of versions of footlockers existed among the allied forces, the ones below were issued to Airborne Officers, NCOs, and various troopers. Keep in mind that not everyone had the same variant or design and whomever did, had different variants, colors, and sizes due to the many manufactors on the warfront effort.

With the number of different footlockers that were issued and made by various companies, the stamps, color lots, hardware, and sizes vary a little from each one:

Crate Syle Footlocker
These seem to be constructed very similar to the ammo crates & packing crates of the period.
Lock Clasp
Plywood Syle Footlocker #1
This footlocker seems to be a more reinforced version of the other plywood footlocker shown on this page. Having the thinner side handles, lifting it can be difficult, however when shipping, there is less wasted space between footlockers. All corners and edges have metal strapping riveted. Along with the metal edges, the clasps to keep it closed the make the footlocker a much sturdier box when shipping.
Thin Handle
Plywood Syle Footlocker #2
This example seems to be one a common footlocker of the US Army. The corners are reinforced with three straps of metal on each corner and thicker handles. This style is lacking a full metal strip of metal on each of the sides compared to the other plywood style footlocker.
One Of The Straps Of Metal On A Corner
Lock Clasp
Footlocker Tray
This shows how the footlocker tray looks inside. Each side has two finger holes and has a wooden divider in the middle. Like the plywood footlocker, it has metal bands riveted around the corners.

To keep with the theme, WWII type reproduction footlockers will be in displays and events. They can be purchased from a member of our unit, Harry Hardin who has done an outstanding job researching and reproducing these items at a low cost to the reenactor.

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