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Marker Panels
There were several types of marker panels used. You'll find the nomenclature references under:

AP-50 (with progressive letters)

CS-18 was the spec for the OD carrying case

AL-141 (w/sub sets) was one indicator for the panel itself.

The modern Pathfinders utilize a similar marker panel, but it is narrower in width and significantly shorter in length. The nomenclature is VS-17.

Above: Picture is of 8 Cases, CS-150, which contained two panels of the same color, matching the R or Y marked on the panel (R being Red (this was actually pink in hue), Y being Yellow (this was actually actually orange in hue)). There WAS NOT supposed to be one panel of each color in the bag (the complete set is called AP-50). These are the ones used at D-Day by the Pathfinder teams.
Above: Picture is two of the panels themselves. Perodically they come with tie-straps and a wooden pole to keep the shape, but you also see just the panels - one pink, one orange.
Above: Picture of 3 of the later-war AL-140B panel sets, which contained one panel (sewn at one end to the outer bag/roll), in the colour specified on the bag (R or Y). These were not used in D-Day.


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